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With ASAP's Standard Mitigation Plan in place, DDoS Attacks are stopped before they reach an ISP's network and cause service interruptions for other subscribers. This plan is great for ISPs who desire to manage the risk DDoS Attacks pose to the network by having automatic mitigation in place across all upstream connections for a low, fixed monthly fee. 



When it is critical to keep the DDoS targeted subscriber up and running during an attack, ASAP can provide traffic scrubbing through the DDoS Advanced Mitigation Plan. Scrubbing filters out the attack traffic for the ISP so that legitimate traffic can be sent on to the subscriber. This can be an especially valuable mitigation plan to have in place should a business, hospital or school be the target of an attack, or for ISPs who NAT.


30 Day No Obligation Monitoring Available

Interested in knowing how often attacks are occurring on your ISP's network? Give us a call; we can monitor traffic on your network at no cost to you for 30 days. ASAP trial users will be notified as soon as an attack is detected via cloud-generated email alerts.  You'll also have full access to ASAP's dashboard which will allow you to see information on DDoS attacks, view bandwidth utilization across the network, and view bandwidth usage for a single IP address.  

Simple, Low, Monthly Pricing

 Simply put, our DDoS Mitigation Plans just cost less for the amount of protection you receive when compared with other service providers. With ASAP in place, you won’t have to worry about exceeding a monthly allotment of mitigation events or fear not all of your upstream connections are protected. 

No Long-Term Service Commitment

ASAP protection does not require an ISP to commit to the service for any length of time.

Cancel Anytime

An ASAP subscription can be canceled at anytime if you are not fully satisfied with the protection we provide.

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