ASAP subscribers will have access to a custom dashboard that logs all DDoS Attacks detected by the system. You can filter results by a specific time frame, look up the current or historical bandwidth usage of any network IP, look at traffic patterns for a specific subnet of IPs, or view overall network traffic and packets per second graphing.  


Attack Logging


ASAP logs all detected attacks within the Dashboard. View dates and times of current and historical attacks, the targeted IP of each attack, and the status of the mitigation.

Subscriber Graphing


View bandwidth usage in real-time, or over a historical time period for any network IP address.

Network Analytics


Stay informed with detailed reporting on network traffic patterns. View real-time or historical traffic and packets per second reporting for the network as a whole or for a subnet of IPs. 

Per IP Bandwidth Graphing

Real-Time or Historical Bandwidth Usage Trends by IP Address


With an ASAP subscription, ISPs will have the ability to monitor the bandwidth usage of each IP address on the network and display real-time or historical graphs regardless of the type of access equipment being used. 

Customer Self-Monitoring Capabilities


As an add-on feature, ASAP can also be configured to offer ISPs the ability to issue unique log-in credentials to customers wanting to self-monitor their own bandwidth usage.

Upsell Potential


As a service provider, bandwidth graphing makes it easy for customer service representatives (CSRs) who are answering customer calls to identify when usage exceeds the current plan's allotted bandwidth and opens the door for upselling more suitable plans.