Simple, Affordable DDoS Mitigation for ISPs

Multiple Upstreams? That's Covered.


Without limitation, ASAP automatically mitigates all detected DoS/DDoS attacks that hit an Internet Service Provider's network via ANY number of upstream connections. 

Affordable Pricing? Done.


 ASAP’s Standard DDoS Mitigation Plan protects an ISP’s network from potential widespread service outages resulting from an attack. Our Standard Protection makes mitigation easy and affordable by offering ISPs fixed, low monthly pricing, not based on the amount of traffic, number of edge points, or number of subscribers. For service providers who wish to provide an even higher level of service to their subscribers ASAP also offers an Advanced DDoS Mitigation Plan with advanced scrubbing capabilities. 

Detailed Reporting and Bandwidth Graphing? Included.


All ASAP subscriptions include access to a Dashboard, giving you detailed attack reporting and access to bandwidth graphing for all network IPs. Also view network traffic analytics both in real-time and over historical time periods.


Denial of Service Protection for ISPs

What is a Denial of Service Attack?


 Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks maliciously attempt to block or overwhelm the accessibility to the Internet of a subscriber or device. Attacks can be initiated by anyone online and will likely come from thousands, even tens of thousands, of infected IP addresses around the globe making it impossible or impractical to identify the source of the attack. 

Why Should ISPs Worry About DDoS?


 In order for Internet traffic to reach an ISP subscriber, all traffic must first travel through the ISP’s core and edge routers as well as its access equipment. During a DDoS attack on even a single subscriber, the amount of illegitimate incoming traffic drastically increases the risk of overwhelming the ISP’s resources and adversely affecting many or all subscribers rather than just the one being attacked. If the amount of bandwidth from an attack is greater than the ISP’s connection to the Internet, then all subscriber’s ability to access the Internet would be down or severely impaired. An ISP with tremendous bandwidth capacity can still have their edge or core routers or access equipment overloaded to the point that they can no longer provide service due to the staggering amount of connections or number of packets per second coming in. Thus, an attack against a single subscriber can disrupt service to all subscribers.

How Can the ASAP Cloud-Based Solution Help?


  ASAP is a fully automated, cloud-based solution that detects an attack against a subscriber and mitigates the attack before it disrupts other ISP customers. ASAP communicates with the ISP’s routers to detect attacks, reroutes the traffic to the ASAP Cloud Service when necessary, and maintains normal traffic flow to unaffected customers. When scrubbing is enabled through ASAP's Advanced Mitigation Plan, even the affected subscriber maintains Internet functionality during an attack while the DDoS traffic is filtered out. 

Compared with similar solutions, ASAP is a very affordable and a rapidly deployable solution to implement that requires no additional ISP systems to operate.  ASAP was tailored specifically to provide the best DDoS protection for regional ISPs.

What Customers are Saying

Frequently Attacked

 "Some of our customers were being targeted frequently with Denial of Service attacks. These attacks adversely affected our entire network, rather than just the one customer under attack. In order to provide the high network availability our customers have come to expect, we installed the ASAP DDoS mitigation service which keeps DDoS attacks from affecting our entire network. The per-user bandwidth monitoring provided with ASAP is extremely useful because it allows us to look at individual customer bandwidth and overall bandwidth usage. I am always looking for ways to increase customer satisfaction and with ASAP DDoS, attacks are now non-eventful." 

- Chief Executive Officer -

Rural Broadband Provider

Unlimited Upstream Connection Protection

 "We've had DDoS protection for a long time and understand it's an important part of total customer satisfaction. However, when we added an additional upstream connection this year, the cost of protecting both connections was prohibitively expensive. That's when we tested and ultimately decided to use ASAP for our DDoS protection. Since there was no additional cost to increase the number of upstream connections, we can continue to grow our business without incurring additional charges to mitigate attacks with the added benefit of detailed upstream monitoring." 

V.P. - Technology

Rural Broadband Provider

Benefits of ASAP DDoS Protection

Very Affordable Compared to Similar Solutions

Unlike other DDoS protection solutions, ASAP's Standard Protection Plan pricing is not based on the amount of network traffic, number of edge points or the number of attacks mitigated.  ASAP also offers an affordable Advanced DDoS Mitigation Plan with sophisticated scrubbing capabilities.

Improves Customer Satisfaction and Network Uptime

ISPs want to be known for providing reliable, fast Internet service all of the time. Unfortunately, Denial of Service attacks can tarnish this reputation by overwhelming the core network, taking customers down in the process or continuing to degrade service on a regular basis with smaller attacks. 

Individual Subscriber Bandwidth Graphing Included

 With an ASAP monthly subscription, ISPs will have the ability to graph the bandwidth of all their subscribers individually (by IP address) regardless of the type of access equipment being used.  

ASAP's Fully Automated Solution Protects Against Multiple Simultaneous Attacks

Typically, No Additional Equipment is Needed

No Additional Systems to Operate - Implementation is Quick and Easy

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